Happy Days Breakfast Clubs

Register your child for Breakfast Club in Willesden Green or Edgware. They will benefit from a healthy breakfast and a stimulating series of activities to prepare them for their day at school. We run Breakfast Clubs in North West London for children of parents trying to balance a busy work schedule with looking after their children.

Breakfast at Happy Days usually includes items such as a selection of cereals, toast, crumpets, bagels, juice, milk, water and fruit.

Parent Information Registration & Bookings

Breakfast Club Schedule

8.00 a.m. Onwards at The Fairway

7.30 a.m. Onwards at Mary Magdalen's

Children can be dropped off by parents any time from the start of the session.

At the end of the session Key Stage 2 children are released to make their own way to their classes, while Key Stage 1 children are escorted to their class teacher or a designated drop-off point or back to The Convent of Jesus and Mary in Willesden.

Happy Days After-School Clubs

Along with our Breakfast Clubs in North West London, we run a range of After School Clubs in the area. With a selection of healthy nutritious snacks on offer, your child will be well looked after, and have a range of inspiring activities to keep them occupied and happy until pickup time around 6pm.

Parent Information Registration & Bookings

After School Club Schedule

End of the school day - 6pm

Key Stage 1 children are collected or dropped to a designated meeting point while Key Stage 2 make their own way to the club if on site.

Children are able to go outside as soon as possible each day (normally once everyone is registered and the playground has cleared). Children are able to flow between the indoor and outdoor area. Children can freely play outside, taking advantage of the school facilities including adventure play areas where they are available. We also provide equipment such as skipping ropes and sports equipment, as well as go-karts and scooters at some clubs too.

Parents can pick up at any time up until 6pm. All children must be signed out by an adult over 16 who is named on that child's registration form.

Locations and Prices

Willesden Green

St Mary Magdalen and the Convent of Jesus and Mary Breakfast and After-School Club - Linacre Rd, London NW2 5BB

When booking please select Mary Magdalen's

Breakfast Club - £4.50 per session

After School Club £12.50 per Session

After School Full Time £11.50 per Session

After School 1 Hour £8.50 per Session

After School after an Activity Club £10.00 per Session

North Finchley

Summerside After-School Club – Crossway, London N12 0QU

After School Club £12.00 per Session

After School Full Time £11.00 per Session

After School 1 Hour £8.50 per Session


Fairways Breakfast and After-School Club – The Fairway, London NW7 3HS

Breakfast Club - £3.00 per Session

After School Club £12.50 per Session

After School Full Time £11.50 per Session

After School 1 Hour £8.50 per Session

After School after an Activity Club £10.50 per Session

South Oxhey

St Joseph's After-School Club – Clitheroe Health and Wellbeing Centre, Clitheroe Gardens, South Oxhey, Watford WD19 6RP

After School Club £11.50 per Session

After School Full Time £10.50 per Session

After School 1 Hour £7.50 per Session

Abbots Langley

Divine Saviour After-School Club – Broomfield Rise, Abbots Langley WD5 0HH

After School Club £12.00 per Session

After School 1 Hour £7.50 per Session

There is a £2.00 late fee if a booking is made less than 48 hours in advance.

Our Objective - Aim of Happy Days Clubs

We aim to provide a safe, stimulating and happy place for children to be, and an easy way for parents to ensure their children are well cared for in the hours either side of school. We achieve our objectives by:

  • Having dedicated staff who ensure the needs of all children who attend the breakfast and after school club are met
  • Providing the children with a healthy breakfast before school and healthy snacks after school.
  • Our staff act as role models and interact with the children to help them develop mentally, physically and creatively
  • Ensuring parents are involved as much as possible in the club through consultation
  • Ensuring that as a club we strive to meet best practice benchmarks through staff training and continuous professional development

Registration & Bookings


At Happy Days Club we believe play is essential to each aspect of a child's development. In our Breakfast Clubs in North West London, children have the opportunity to interact with other children of different ages, thereby strengthening their social confidence.

Staff provide a child-led environment, allowing the children to make choices from the varied activities on offer which are supervised at all times: team games, arts and craft sessions and organised outdoor/indoor sports.

Our Happy Days staff plan activities ahead of time using the children's input, being led by their interests but with the flexibility to adapt when necessary. We also ensure that we incorporate celebrations, events and festivals to develop their understanding of the world.

Each day there will be a selection of both adult led and child initiated activities. These may include:

  • Board games
  • Card games
  • Construction
  • Art
  • Play dough
  • Computer games, Playstation, Wii, tablets
  • Movie sessions
  • Cooking
  • Crafts
  • Homework support
  • Seasonal craft/celebrations
  • Outdoor play
  • Use of the computer suite
  • Use of hall & music room
  • Reading
  • Role play and drama
  • Monitors and prefects responsibilities
  • Rewards and points system

Food and Drink

We provide snacks for children on a rolling basis so children can decide when to eat. We follow Healthy Eating Guidelines and the choice includes wraps or sandwiches with cheese or meat, vegetables, fruit and yoghurt. In small clubs all the children sit down together for a social snack. Food will also be available for children who arrive later (after attending an extracurricular club).

Please note: All Happy Days Clubs are nut-free zones


Items include a selection of cereals, toast (with jam, butter, etc.), fruit, juice, beans or spaghetti with toast.

After School Club

Bread or toast with spread/marmite/cheese spread/water – available every day!

Examples of snacks, available each day but on rotation:

  • Pitta pockets with their choice of filling (tuna, ham, chicken, cheese, vegetables)
  • Beans or spaghetti on toast
  • Wraps with their choice of filling
  • Soup (chicken or tomato

  • Sandwiches with their choice of filling
  • Dips (hummus, sour cream and chives, salsa) with pitta, carrots, celery, crisps and cucumber.
  • Toast sandwiches (ham, cheese, tomatoes)

Children will have a minimum of two vegetables and two fruits each day, along with an assortment of juices and water.

Want your child to join Happy Days Clubs?

The online registration form must be completed before your child's first day. The club mobile is only for emergency contact and operated in club time. Please contact Maria for bookings or general queries.

  • Please label all clothing and items being brought to the club.
  • Suitable clothing for indoor and outdoor activities is required: Please provide sun hats and sun cream during warmer days, or warm clothing and a waterproof when the weather is cooler or more variable.
  • Please inform the Maria or the manager and club of any medical or contact detail updates if anything changes.
  • If your child is attending an extra-curricular club, please inform Maria or the club manager of this.